Jan 182016
Fuse Book Review: "The Butcher's Trail" -- A Masterful Account of Tracking Down Balkan War Criminals

Anybody who has the good sense to pick up a copy of this book will find it instantly fascinating.

Mar 102015
Fuse Book Review: "Blood Brothers" -- Down-and-Out in Germany's Zero Hour

Anyone interested in understanding Europe in the 20th century, or in the fascinating metropolis that is Berlin, or in a riveting depiction of down-and-out youth who refuse to surrender to the system–will want to pick up Blood Brothers.

Feb 012014
Fuse Book Review: "The Elixir of Immortality" -- A Fabulous Ride Through European History

Love stories, treachery, brilliant plans, history itself gone awry – it’s all here in inspiring abundance in this fabulous novel, where the Spinozas make their way through hundreds of years of European history.