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Classical Album Reviews: Elder conducts Elgar and Pappano conducts Rimsky-Korsakov and Mussorgsky

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Classical Album Reviews: Elder conducts Elgar and Pappano conducts Rimsky-Korsakov and Mussorgsky

By Jonathan Blumhofer | July 20, 2024

Sir Mark Elder’s latest traversal of Edward Elgar’s two symphonies supplies orchestral playing of the highest level; Sir Antonio Pappano provides plenty of electrifying moments in a pairing of orchestral favorites.

Visual Arts

Visual Art/Design Commentary: Floating Art in Fort Point Channel — See Worthy Public Art With a Conscience

By Mark Favermann | July 19, 2024

Almost immediately, this now quarter century old program proved to be a wonderful merger of art and environment, creativity and nature.


Film Review: “Crumb Catcher” — Labor Saving Device?

By Peter Keough | July 19, 2024

Themes of class, race, and artistic appropriation reminiscent of “American Fiction” lurk beneath “Crumb Catcher”‘s generic conventions.


Book Review: “Goyhood” — A Rambunctious Romp and a Novel of Ideas

By Daniel Gewertz | July 18, 2024

“Goyhood” can be larger than life, and its plot is a real doozy, but this isn’t a lightly comic excursion: the religious and social consternations that roil the brothers Belkin are as earnest as they are outlandish. 

Poetry at The Arts Fuse

Weekly Feature: Poetry at The Arts Fuse

June 27, 2024

This week’s poem: Fred Marchant’s “saw whet”


Dance Review: “Naughty Bits” — Pushing Back on a Culture of Sexual Abuse

By Jessica Lockhart | May 14, 2024

Sara Juli has proven herself to be a master of using humor to examine subjects that are uncomfortable and not at all comic. 


Theater Review: A Magical, Risky, Reimagined Production of “The Dybbuk”

By Debra Cash | June 23, 2024

Arlekin Players Theatre’s “The Dybbuk” may not convince you of the supernatural, but director Igor Golyak is a magician.


Film Review: “Lumberjack the Monster” — A Petrified Forest

By Steve Erickson | June 5, 2024

Director Takashi Miike’s latest is a killjoy of a film: it doesn’t want to have fun with its material, but it’s impossible to take it seriously. 


Short Fuse Podcast #68: “The Swans of Harlem”

By Elizabeth Howard | July 19, 2024

Elizabeth Howard talks to “Swans of Harlem” author Karen Valby and Lydia Abarca, a prima ballerina and one of the Swans, about the forgotten story of a pioneering group of five Black ballerinas.

Short Fuses

July Short Fuses — Materia Critica

By Arts Fuse Editor | July 1, 2024

Each month, our arts critics — music, book, theater, dance, television, film, and visual arts — fire off a few brief reviews.


Film Review: “Flux Gourmet” — Food, Glorious Food

By Peg Aloi | August 23, 2022

Flux Gourmet occasionally reminded me of the films of Peter Greenaway, who often juxtaposed the grotesque or disturbing with the beautiful and ethereal.

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