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Classical Music Album Review: Pavel Kolesnikov & Samson Tsoy — A Fabulous Four-Hand Team


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Classical Music Album Review: Pavel Kolesnikov & Samson Tsoy — A Fabulous Four-Hand Team

By Susan Miron | June 18, 2024

Pavel Kolesnikov and Samson Tsoy’s debut CD is breathtaking, released a few months after the pair’s acclaimed performance at Carnegie Hall earlier this year.

Visual Arts

Design Review: The Stephen A. Schwarzman College of Computing — An Elegant Addition to the MIT Campus

By Mark Favermann | June 13, 2024

Political attacks aside, MIT’s Schwarzman College of Computing is a contemporary jewel of a building.


Film Reviews: Tribeca Film Festival 2024, Part One

By David D'Arcy | June 17, 2024

The 2024 Tribeca Film Festival was predictably celebrity-heavy and substance-light. Yet between the cracks, there were things well worth seeing.  


Book Review: “Thom Gunn: A Cool Queer Life” — A Poet Who Spoke to Unbearable Loss

By John R. Killacky | June 15, 2024

This is not a dry, academic look at Thom Gunn’s life: the biographer supplies a loving — though at times unflinchingly honest — view of the self-punishing poet.

Poetry at The Arts Fuse

Weekly Feature: Poetry at The Arts Fuse

June 13, 2024

This week’s poem: Kenton K. Yee’s “Bloodhound Astronomer”


Dance Review: “Naughty Bits” — Pushing Back on a Culture of Sexual Abuse

By Jessica Lockhart | May 14, 2024

Sara Juli has proven herself to be a master of using humor to examine subjects that are uncomfortable and not at all comic. 


Theater Review: The A.R.T.’s Not-So-Great “Gatsby”

By Martin Copenhaver | June 17, 2024

The creators of “Gatsby” have fashioned some inventive ways to make the story seem more contemporary. None of that, however, seems enough to justify the enormous amount of energy and talent that was expended in this production.


Film Review: “Lumberjack the Monster” — A Petrified Forest

By Steve Erickson | June 5, 2024

Director Takashi Miike’s latest is a killjoy of a film: it doesn’t want to have fun with its material, but it’s impossible to take it seriously. 


Short Fuse Podcast #67: Reflecting on William Faulkner

By Elizabeth Howard | May 14, 2024

Host Elizabeth Howard talks to Dr. Jay Watson, the Howry Professor of Faulkner studies and Professor of English at the University of Mississippi. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the first book William Faulkner published — “The Marble Faun.”

Short Fuses

June Short Fuses — Materia Critica

By Arts Fuse Editor | June 1, 2024

Each month, our arts critics — music, book, theater, dance, television, film, and visual arts — fire off a few brief reviews.


Film Review: “Flux Gourmet” — Food, Glorious Food

By Peg Aloi | August 23, 2022

Flux Gourmet occasionally reminded me of the films of Peter Greenaway, who often juxtaposed the grotesque or disturbing with the beautiful and ethereal.

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