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Theater Interview: GSC’s Rebecca Bradshaw on “Water’s Rising: Festival of New Climate Action Plays”

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Coming Attractions: April 21 through May 6 — What Will Light Your Fire

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Jazz Album Review: Chet Baker and Jack Sheldon — “The Lost Album”

By Steve Provizer | April 20, 2024

The music works. The session is among old friends. The rhythm section cooks and every solo holds one’s attention.

Visual Arts

Visual Arts Review: “TAPPED IN: Moving Hearts and Minds through Art and Science”

By Lisa Reindorf | April 22, 2024

Fostering collaboration between artists and scientists is a wonderful educational and creative endeavor.  Kudos to the Umbrella Arts Center for taking on such a complex and ambitious project.


Book Review: “Double Indemnity and the Rise of Film Noir” — A Rehash

By Gerald Peary | April 21, 2024

The best part of the Silver/Ursini book is the padding, the last forty pages in which the two authors go past “Double Indemnity”‘s release to contextualize it within the generic stream of “film noir”.


Children’s Book Reviews: Finding Connections — Three Picture Books for Kids

By Cyrisse Jaffee | April 22, 2024

A trio of picture books about people establishing nurturing links.

Poetry at The Arts Fuse

Weekly Feature: Poetry at The Arts Fuse

April 18, 2024

The week’s poem: Jennifer Barber’s “Below”


Book Review: “Pilobolus” — Movement, at Wild Play

By Robert Steven Mack | April 1, 2024

Drawing on wide-ranging research and personal anecdotes gathered during the time he spent with the company, Robert Pranzatelli navigates us through the insouciance and absurdity of Pilobolus’ past.


Theater Interview: GSC’s Rebecca Bradshaw on “Water’s Rising: Festival of New Climate Action Plays”

By Bill Marx | April 22, 2024

“We need hope in the possibility of change in order to survive what’s coming.”


WATCH CLOSELY: “Ripley” — A Man in Shadows and Light

By Peg Aloi | April 12, 2024

“Ripley” is one of the most entertaining and finely-wrought thriller series to come from Netflix in years.


Short Fuse Podcast #66: Let’s Get “Authentic”

By Elizabeth Howard | December 19, 2023

In this episode of The Short Fuse, host Elizabeth Howard and Alex Waters, technical editor of the podcast, reflect on the year in an informal conversation.

Short Fuses

April Short Fuses — Materia Critica

By Arts Fuse Editor | April 1, 2024

Each month, our arts critics — music, book, theater, dance, television, film, and visual arts — fire off a few brief reviews.


Film Review: “Flux Gourmet” — Food, Glorious Food

By Peg Aloi | August 23, 2022

Flux Gourmet occasionally reminded me of the films of Peter Greenaway, who often juxtaposed the grotesque or disturbing with the beautiful and ethereal.

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