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Interested in syndicating arts editorial from The Arts Fuse, Boston’s online arts magazine?

It is cost-prohibitive for many online media outlets to cover the arts, but The Arts Fuse will provide your site with quality previews, interviews, reviews, commentary, and tributes in exchange for a syndication fee to the magazine. We currently have more than 2,500 articles published to choose from and are publishing more than 70 new articles every month!

Such a syndication arrangement would give you a wealth of content—at a fraction of the cost you would pay a staffer or freelancer to cover the arts and culture—that you could then monetize through advertising on your site.

The Arts Fuse would like to expand our brand and readership as well as create a new revenue stream so we can keep paying our writers and critics for their terrific work.

Our writers and critics live across Greater Boston and cover local arts and culture (dance, food, music, theater, visual arts) as well as entertainment available nationally (film, literature, music, television, video games).

Our writers’ byline credits include local media outlets such as The Boston Globe, The Boston Phoenix, WBUR, and WGBH, and national and international media outlets, including The New Yorker, The New York Times, The Paris Review, Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and many more.

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