Aug 302014
Coming Attractions in Jazz:  Late Summer/Early Autumn Festival Update

The Hyde Park Jazz Festival is back, and from Northampton to Falmouth jazz festivals abound throughout the waning days of summer and the arrival of autumn.

Aug 292014
Fuse Book Review: "The History of Rock ‘n’ Roll in Ten Songs" -- Chronicling the Thrill of Invention

On more than one occasion in The History of Rock ‘n’ Roll in Ten Songs Greil Marcus argues that the original recordings of some of his picks don’t hold a candle to their cover versions.

Aug 262014
Fuse Album Review: B L A C K I E -- Conflating the Barbaric and the Beautiful

Imagine Yourself in a Free and Natural World finds B L A C K I E reaching an ambitious artistic high, delivering potent pieces of jazzy discord that impressively conflate the barbaric and the beautiful.

Aug 182014
Fuse Concert Review: Monadnock Music's Season Finale -- The Stuff of Inspiration

Things are going well with Monadnock Music: before Saturday’s concert kicked off, managing director Christopher Sink announced that the festival had cleared its financial debts as it heads into next year’s 50th anniversary season.

Aug 172014
Fuse Music Review: An Exhilarating Performance of "Candide" at Tanglewood

It occurred to me that, given the variety of the Metropolitan Opera’s current problems, maybe General Manager Peter Gelb should consider putting this best of all possible Candides on his menu.