Jun 242015
Fuse Film Review: Notes From the Provincetown International Film Festival

A round-up of films seen and people talked to at this year’s Provincetown International Film Festival — a moveable feast.

Jun 252014
Fuse Film Review: The Good, the Bad, the Mixed at the Provincetown Film Festival

What’s not to adore about this super-friendly, hedonistic, 24-hour street party, what summer resident John Waters celebrates as “a gay fishing village,” and what I might label, oxymoronically, a “queer New Orleans.”

Jun 272013
Fuse Film Review: The Provincetown Film Festival 2013 — A Distinctly Humanist Focus

As for new independent films, producer Christine Vachon noted that each generation requires fresh stories and comparisons with a ‘golden’ age of filmmaking are irrelevant.