Jul 282014
Fuse DVD/Blu-Ray Review: "A Hard Day's Night" -- Still Fun After Five Decades

A Hard Day’s Night stands as a landmark in rock history because it exemplifies the Beatles’s joyously innocent starting point — today it delivers an irresistible sonic joy that comes from listening to songs that still rock after fifty years.

Jul 272014
Fuse Book Review: An Evocative Biography of Zionist Agitator and Writer Vladmir Jabotinsky

There’s room to wonder if Vladmir Jabotinsky would have accepted Menachem Begin, Ariel Sharon and Benjamin Netanyahu as his legitimate Zionist heirs.

Jul 262014
Fuse Classical Music Commentary: The Boston University Tanglewood Institute  --  A Marvelous Experience For All

Precision and obvious competence were only part of the story. What made this concert from The Young Artists Orchestra so special was the joy conveyed by these fledgling musicians.

Jul 252014
From the Editor’s Desk: Save the A.R.T.'s Tinker Bell -- Clap Your Hands If You Believe in Cash

A major regional theater is turning itself into a launching pad for Broadway/Las Vegas blockbusters, with Hollywood pouring cash and advice into the pipeline. .