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Poetry Review: “Outside” — Poetry and Prose of French Writer André du Bouchet.

July 5, 2020
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Take the poems slowly, enjoy the Cage-y silences, the concentrated words as they appear.

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Webmaster News: Getting Around Has Gotten Easier

August 12, 2013
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Welcome to the new look of the Arts Fuse! The insightful, in-depth content is the same as it’s always been, but now it’s easier to find.

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The Readable, Sociable Arts Fuse

March 27, 2012
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The Arts Fuse has added some new features that make us easier to read and share.

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A Note from the Webmaster: The Arts Fuse is alive and well

January 6, 2011
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What does not kill me, makes me stronger. — Friedrich Nietzsche The internet is always an unpredictable neighborhood and sometimes a rough one. The Arts Fuse website crashed (but did not burn) yesterday; after a long day and a half, we’re back up and running smoothly—better and more resilient. The cause of the crash remains…

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Welcome to the Newly Upholstered Arts Fuse!

September 2, 2010
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The Arts Fuse began as my blog after the untimely end of NPR/WBUR Arts Online. But, as more writers and critics wanted to make their voices heard, the blog became a magazine. So, I decided to make it a New England focused magazine modeled on other pioneering efforts to cover the news online, such as…

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Great News For the ‘Fuse — Support for the Judicial Review

March 27, 2010
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I am not sure that men at present think more profoundly than half a century ago, but beyond question they think with more rapidity, with more skill, with more tact, with more method and less of excrescence in the thought. Besides all this, they have a vast increase in the thinking material; they have more…

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A Note from the Webmaster

May 28, 2009
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Long-time readers of The Arts Fuse may already have noticed a few changes in the site. The most obvious is that https://live-arts-fuse.pantheonsite.io now takes you to a new (albeit simple) home page for The Arts Fuse website, with links to The Arts Fuse blog, podcasts and image galleries. We have plans to expand The Arts…

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