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Long-time readers of The Arts Fuse may already have noticed a few changes in the site. The most obvious is that https://live-arts-fuse.pantheonsite.io now takes you to a new (albeit simple) home page for The Arts Fuse website, with links to The Arts Fuse blog, podcasts and image galleries.

We have plans to expand The Arts Fuse offerings — this bare bones home page will serve as a launching pad for future developments. Also, note that The Arts Fuse is now on Twitter. And keep in mind that a percentage of the purchases made through the Amazon.com icon on the upper right hand side of the Arts Fuse pages benefit the Fusers.

If you want to get to the blog directly, you can do so via https://live-arts-fuse.pantheonsite.io. (You may wish to update your bookmarks accordingly.) Similarly, our RSS feeds now flow through https://artsfuse.org/feed/. (For category feeds, use https://artsfuse.org/category/<category name>/feed/, e.g., https://artsfuse.org/category/world-books/feed/.)

Behind the scenes, we’ve done a major upgrade to our WordPress blog software and plugins, but this will only be visible to readers in a few instances: wp_blue-l

  • We’ve added a “Share/Save” button to the end of each blog post, making it easy to share a link to a post you’ve enjoyed on various social media sites, send the link to a friend via email, or bookmark the link in your browser.
  • The tag cloud looks a bit different, as we’re now using the widget that WordPress itself distributes.

In the coming months, we’ll be enhancing The Arts Fuse in various ways– watch this space!

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