Aug 262014
Fuse Book Review: "Our Lady of the Nile" -- Prefiguring Rwandan Genocide

Because of the national tension between the Tutsis and the Hutus, and its effects on everyday routines in the school, this novel cannot long remain a bemusing tale of adolescent life.

Jul 082014
Fuse Book Review: In "Europe in Sepia," Croatian Writer Dubravka Ugrešić Bets a Few Chips on the Future

Translator David Williams has hit upon a judicious combination of snappy repartee and dark underbelly that communicates essayist Dubravka Ugrešić’s rapier wit and black despair in equal measure.

Jun 092014
Fuse Theater Review: A Spectacular Russian Staging of "Eugene Onegin"

I was mesmerized by the evocative stage pictures and the straight-at-the-audience, presentational mode of the actors, whose facial expressions and gestures so viscerally conveyed the emotional lives of the characters.