Oct 062014
Fuse Book Review: “The fuzzy cinema of certain key events of my life” - Frankétienne’s “spiralist” novel "Ready to Burst"

Ready to Burst is a compelling, intricately structured story told in resourceful, oft-poetic language by a influential Haitian poet and novelist.

Sep 222014
Fuse Book Review: "In Certain Circles" and "The Last Lover" -- The Powerful and The Disappointing

Elizabeth Harrower’s In Certain Circles is a stunning novel about class and marriage and power; Can Xue’s The Last Lover is a tedious surrealistic farce.

Aug 262014
Fuse Book Review: "Our Lady of the Nile" -- Prefiguring Rwandan Genocide

Because of the national tension between the Tutsis and the Hutus, and its effects on everyday routines in the school, this novel cannot long remain a bemusing tale of adolescent life.