Dec 052014
Fuse Book Review: Émile Zola's "The Conquest of Plassans" -- "Tartuffe" Gone Realpolitik

Entertaining yet incisive, The Conquest of Plassans remains a devastatingly acute reminder that religion and politics make surprisingly compatible bedfellows.

Nov 302014
Fuse Book Review: Enduring the Unendurable -- Philippe Rahmy’s Extraordinary Portrait of Pain

Philippe Rahmy is afflicted with brittle-bone disease: in his superb writing, he takes off from his incurable inherited condition and ventures out courageously.

Nov 192014
Fuse Book Review: Into the Labyrinth of Fragmentary Memories -- The Novels of Patrick Modiano

The prose of Patrick Modiano, this year’s Nobel prizewinner, has a distinctive French style whose directness and grammatical limpidity by no means exclude semantic depth and complexity.

Oct 242014
Fuse Book Review: The Novels of Mathias Énard -- Probing the Intersection of Politics and Conscience

Although Street of Thieves is less accomplished than Zone, it once again displays how Mathias Énard is seeking new ways to talk political issues in precise, often gripping prose.