Oct 242014
Fuse Book Review: The Novels of Mathias Énard -- Probing the Intersection of Politics and Conscience

Although Street of Thieves is less accomplished than Zone, it once again displays how Matthias Énard is seeking new ways to talk political issues in precise, often gripping prose.

Oct 202014
Fuse Book Review: Lunacy Trumps Religion When It Comes To Peace in the Middle East

Religion occupies pride of place in this volume. As Lawrence Wright says at the outset: “The struggle for peace at Camp David is a testament to the enduring force of religion in modern life”

Oct 142014
Fuse Book Review: "Tennessee Williams:  Mad Pilgrimage of the Flesh" -- A Definitive Biography of One of Our Most Important Playwrights

The biography is a remarkable read. It has all the hefty research you’d expect from a scholarly work, yet the story is told through prose fit for a great novel.