Dec 052014
Fuse Book Review: Émile Zola's "The Conquest of Plassans" -- "Tartuffe" Gone Realpolitik

Entertaining yet incisive, The Conquest of Plassans remains a devastatingly acute reminder that religion and politics make surprisingly compatible bedfellows.

Dec 022014
Fuse Book Review: "Outside Music, Inside Voices" -- Illuminating Conversations about Creating Jazz

Jazz fans with open ears should rush to this book: so should anyone interested in the creative process, its rewards as well as its challenges.

Nov 302014
Fuse Book Review: Enduring the Unendurable -- Philippe Rahmy’s Extraordinary Portrait of Pain

Philippe Rahmy is afflicted with brittle-bone disease: in his superb writing, he takes off from his incurable inherited condition and ventures out courageously.

Nov 192014
Fuse Book Review: Into the Labyrinth of Fragmentary Memories -- The Novels of Patrick Modiano

The prose of Patrick Modiano, this year’s Nobel prizewinner, has a distinctive French style whose directness and grammatical limpidity by no means exclude semantic depth and complexity.