Oct 202014
Fuse Book Review: Lunacy Trumps Religion When It Comes To Peace in the Middle East

Religion occupies pride of place in this volume. As Lawrence Wright says at the outset: “The struggle for peace at Camp David is a testament to the enduring force of religion in modern life”

Oct 142014
Fuse Book Review: "Tennessee Williams:  Mad Pilgrimage of the Flesh" -- A Definitive Biography of One of Our Most Important Playwrights

The biography is a remarkable read. It has all the hefty research you’d expect from a scholarly work, yet the story is told through prose fit for a great novel.

Oct 062014
Fuse Book Review: “The fuzzy cinema of certain key events of my life” - Frankétienne’s “spiralist” novel "Ready to Burst"

Ready to Burst is a compelling, intricately structured story told in resourceful, oft-poetic language by a influential Haitian poet and novelist.