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Introduction to Fractals or How They Last

In the garden

            I cry over Christmas cookies

there are wild strawberries

            once where there was snow

when they appeared

           sometimes or a long time ago

a long time ago

            in winter there are many blankets

I say I remember throwing a stem

             in the garden there are many unicorns

wishing for strawberries year round

             I do think of you in winter

not only in summer and how

             and how warm was that fire

filled with fireflies that field

             that spaceship almost real

an ocean of them

            where once were strawberries

but not with tears or not always

            but not always


Kristian Macaron resides in Albuquerque, NM. She is the author of Storm (2015, Swimming with Elephants Publications) and Recipe for Time Travel in Case We Lose Each Other (2022, Game Over Books). Her work can be found in Asimov’s Science Fiction, Uncanny Magazine, The Normal School, Gargoyle and others. Kristian is an alum of the University of New Mexico (BA) and Emerson College (MFA). View her work at Kristianmacaron.com

Note: Hey poets! We seek submissions of excellent poetry from across the length and breadth of contemporary poetics. See submission guidelines here. The arbiter of the feature is the magazine’s poetry editor, John Mulrooney.

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