Mar 202013
Fuse Visual Arts Review: Boston Cyberarts' "The Game's Afoot" -- Something Clever

None of these games engendered any suffering at all. They were already pre-designed for failure; a player has no chance of success. But isn’t part of the pleasure of gaming the repeated failures that, over time, lead to successes?

May 022012
Coming Attractions:  Jazz Week 2012 Update

Swarms in the train station! Improv in the library! Video game hits and poetry! Must be Jazz Week–and there’s plenty more, including a major CD release by Argentinian bassist Fernando Huergo paying tribute to the land of the Albiceleste.

Apr 102011
Fuse Commentary: The Brave New World of Videogame Art

So let’s steady that swaying hive, put down the poking stick, and take a deep breath. Games continue to evolve in creative, unexpected ways, and the mechanics of gameplay can form the basis of intriguing and thought-provoking works of art.

Nov 182010
Fuse Visual Arts Review: Questioning the Image

But The Image in Question begs a crucial question: Isn’t modern media supposed to be flashy, colorful, and loud beyond all sane toleration? Aren’t  shrill, unceasing proclamations a part of what drives some individuals away from television and video-games to [...]

Feb 082010
Film Commentary: Video Games — The Real Final Frontier?

“Avatar” is beautiful and otherworldly, but the film is so grounded in down-to-earth concepts that it restricts the viewer’s imagination rather than broadening it. An infinitely better and more complex recent space opera, “Mass Effect 2,” comes in the form [...]