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Album Review: Paul Simon’s “Seven Psalms” — A Prophet’s Message to Us All

May 25, 2023
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This album may be too mellow, too grim, too serious for the average listener but hear me: This is an amazing and important work of art, quite possibly the legendary songwriter’s own elegy.

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2022 Newport Folk Festival Review: An Occasion for Awe

July 27, 2022
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The Newport Folk Festival’s biggest secrets were cleanly hidden and tightly executed with the day-capping revelations of Paul Simon and Joni Mitchell.

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Music Review: Rhymin’ Simon Faces Mortality

May 28, 2011
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Given these challenging cosmic themes and a nonlinear style, it’s unsurprising that most of Paul Simon’s So Beautiful or So What lacks vivacity. Still, the album maintains Simon’s reputation as one of the best songwriters in the business. By Michela Smith Paul Simon adores tinkering with words. In the past, lyrics like “when the radical…

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