Grace Kelly

Music Preview: Saxophonist Grace Kelly — On Jazz and Beyond

May 19, 2016
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“My hope is that in the near future the mainstream music pendulum will swing much more heavily towards giving jazz the attention it deserves.”

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Jazz Review / Commentary: David Sanborn at Scullers – The Craftsman Cometh

February 13, 2012
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Art with a capital A has been put on such a pedestal that Craft with a capital C has been downgraded to a shabby or rustic sort of activity of which the practitioner should be a little ashamed. ’Tain’t so.

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Jazz Review: Grace Under Pressure

January 23, 2011
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Saxophonist Grace Kelly has to decide what kind of artist she wants to be in her maturity, how long a run she’d like to have, how much she intends to contribute to the jazz tradition—and how she intends to accomplish these things. By Steve Elman. A moment of reckoning arrives in the career of every…

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Music Review: Newport Jazz Festival 2010

August 25, 2010
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For all the hand-wringing in the media about the death rattle of jazz, what with record stores closing and radio stations losing listeners, Newport reminds you that the art form is alive and well, with a growing audience of people of all ages and races. By Charles McEnerney, Host + Producer, Well-Rounded Radio Both the…

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