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Jazz Album Reviews: Craft LP Reissues — Prime Examples of the Golden Age of Jazz Recording

November 21, 2023
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These jazz albums are splendid representations of the first full decade of LPs and of stereo recording as well.

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Jazz Albums Review: Craft Recordings Reissues — Coltrane, Monk, Davis, Previn, and Vinnegar

June 11, 2023
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As usual with Craft Recordings reissues, these lps are impeccably produced: the silence of the recording before the music starts is almost startling, but it’s the clear sound of what follows that is most impressive.

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Album Review: A Past Fit for the Future –“Birthright: A Black Roots Music Compendium”

March 11, 2023
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Projects such as Birthright: A Black Roots Music Compendium extricate the resilient voice of the people from the cacophony of current ideological intervention.

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Jazz Album Review: Ornette Coleman — Very Much the “Genesis of Genius”

April 19, 2022
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Ornette Coleman turned to me and said, “You know, you can never really be out of tune. You are always in tune with something.”

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