Recommended Video Film Essays

Some of the of best sites amusing, scholarly, and entertaining video-essays.

NELSON CARVAJAL – Written by s creative longtime video-essayist

DAVID BROADWELL – Broadwell is a prolific author and critic of film and film history. This an extremely through site with videos and essays: an entire education

FANDOR – Fandor maintains an excellent YouTube site. The principle creator Kevin Lee also has his own Vimeo site.

PRESS PLAY – This is the video blog of IndieWire the Online film Magaize.

MUBI – The subscription service maintains a broad and informative site on Facebook.

PHILIP BRUBAKER – The non-fiction filmmaker with a site of ‘audio-visual essays’ and critique.

VINCE DIMEGLIO – The writer & filmmaker’s videos are clever and wide ranging

CRISTINA ÁLVAREZ LÓPEZ & ADRIAN MARTIN – The website also features writing and varied contributors

THOMAS FLIGHT – “Helps you take a closer look at what you’re watching”. also available for a Patreon subscription

SARA BRAMBLE :  Bramble is an editor and video essayist

COLLATIVE LEARNING –  “Film analysis, film making tips, psychology, marketing techniques, media analysis, video games, activism and whatever else I can think of” by Rob Ager.

AFTER DARK ANALYSIS – Social commentary of horror movies.

ASU FILM SPARK – Arizona State University has just launched a site for extended Q&A’s, often live, with cinematographers, producers and other Hollywood professionals.

EVERY FILM A PAINTING – This was a series of video essays about film form, made from April 2014 to September 2016, by Taylor Ramos and Tony Zhou but still available.

100 HUNDRED YEARS OF CINEMA – With 30,000 subscribers the site “will be taking a look at one film a year, to try and discover how we got from the simple films of the early 1900’s to the complex block busters of today.

LESSONS FROM THE SCREENPLAY – With over a million subscribers: “videos that analyze movie scripts to examine exactly how and why they are so good at telling their stories.”

THE CLOSER LOOK – “Here we break down your favorite Movies and Shows to find out what makes them tick”.  They have a half million subscribers and many free videos.

KOGANANDA –  While there are only 15 videos here, they are beautifully produced and narrated.

— Tim Jackson

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