Arts Fuse Podcast #12: Howl at the Loon

Arts Fuse Podcast #12

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Louis Armstrong — how did he invent the jazz solo?

Producer Lucas Spiro is all alone at the start of this installment of the podcast. He messed up the audio for this episode — but managed to put this together so you wouldn’t have to go without our sweet, sweet content.

He highlights a few pieces in the magazine including Tim Jackson’s review of the new Jordan Peele film Us, and Steve Provizer’s review of Vic Hobson’s book Creating the Jazz Solo: Louis Armstrong and Barbershop Harmony.

Then he bring in some bonus content from the earlier interview with Pulitzer Prize winner Lloyd Schwartz. He reads a couple of his poems and tells some stories.

Lucas Spiro is a writer living outside Boston. He studied Irish literature at Trinity College Dublin and his fiction has appeared in the Watermark. Generally, he despairs. Occasionally, he is joyous.

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