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Sep 302014
Fuse Book Review: "Landscapes of the Metropolis of Death" --  A New Language for Living with Auschwitz

Otto Dov Kulka’s exploration of the time he spent in Auschwitz as a child won the 2014 Jewish Quarterly-Wingate prize, one of the judges calling it “the greatest book on Auschwitz since Primo Levi.”

Sep 282014
Fuse Book Interview: Jim Vrabel Explores Boston's History from the Grassroots Perspective

A People’s History of the New Boston takes the “grassroots” view and tries to give overdue credit to the role that community activists and neighborhood residents played in building the “New Boston.”

Sep 252014
Fuse Book Interview: Marion Elizabeth Rodgers on the Expanded "Days" of H. L. Mencken

In The Days Trilogy, Expanded Edition, H. L. Mencken comes off as a marvelously mellowed master, his trademark savagery smoothed over, its energy focused on generating a pungently picturesque vision of a vanished America.