Christopher M. Ohge

Aug 072012
Fuse Book Feature: Authors Bernhard Schlink and Joyce Hackett on the Craft of Writing and Writing About the Past

Sponsored by the Harvard Writing Program and the Harvard Summer School, the event was introduced, perhaps humorously, to the audience as a “meeting of German–American relations.” In reality, it was a more of a showcase in differences about each country’s historical imagination.

Jun 292012
Fuse Book Review: Robert Walser’s Big Small Thoughts — Modest But Miraculous

In his prose and poetry, Swiss writer Robert Walser revolts from the chaos of modernity, engaging in extreme subjectivity only to confess to the heresy that is the self, choosing to revel in the simplicity of the rural life. Not for truth, but for the sake of a fleeting rapture.

Aug 222011
Fuse Book Review: Matinee Modernism — Celebrity and Academia Converge and It Isn't Pretty

What could have been a readable, informative, pleasurable book that would, much like Woody Allen’s recent film MIDNIGHT IN PARIS, enhance our experience of some of the modernist figures we adore wallows too often in brain-dead literary theory.

Nov 282010
Fuse Interview: Sailing Through the Mind of Herman Melville

In his novel “The Passages of H. M.: A Novel of Herman Melville” author Jay Parini combines extensive research from existing biographies with a concrete evocation of the nineteenth century writer’s world and mind. We ask the writer a few [...]

Sep 302010
Book Review: Green’s Garden of Delights

David Green’s stories make for compelling literature—the kind of reading which poses a challenge today because of its exploration of psychological complexity, enigma, confusion, and suspense. The Garden of Love and Other Stories, by David Green. The Pen & Anvil [...]

Aug 122010
Fuse Flash: Melville Matters — A Pit-Stop in Pittsfield

On August 1st a group of dedicated Melvilleans gathered at the author’s Arrowhead home in the morning to commemorate his 191st birthday by hiking to Monument Mountain. This trip is meant to reenact the hike Melville took on August 5, [...]