Culture Vulture: August Arts in the Berkshires

By Helen Epstein

s4_01 If you want a country theater experience, complete with magical valley and stream and a freight train in the distance, go to Chester, MA this month. Chester Theater Company‘s The Nibroc Trilogy is a winner and will culminate on the final two Saturdays of the season (August 14 and 21) with the presentation of the complete cycle in one day. Special event tickets for those days will include an afternoon ice cream social and a country-style dinner.

This Girl Bends: Art and Feminism Since 1960
June 26–December 12, 2010

The Williams College Museum of Art (WCMA) in Williamstown, MA, which almost always has well-curated exhibits, includes in its summer offerings This Girl Bends: Art and Feminism Since 1960, which looks at the connections between art and feminism since 1960 with over 20 artworks from the museum’s permanent collection.

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