Short Fuse Podcast #49: “Race for Tomorrow” — On the Front Lines of the Climate Crisis

By Elizabeth Howard



Episode Summary

Simon Mundy, a journalist for the Financial Times, spent two years traveling to 26 countries on six continents to meet with people who have been affected by extreme shifts in climate, talking with locals on the ground and business leaders who are grappling with the implications of global warming for the world economy. As climate change transforms the planet, he wanted to help himself and others understand “the biggest and most important story that I, or any journalist of my generation, will have an opportunity to cover. It’s just the beginning.” Underlying this conversation is a warning: we ignore climate change at our peril. Every one of us.

Episode Notes

Mundy is currently the Editor of the Financial Times‘s award-winning Moral Money platform, which covers the push for a cleaner and more sustainable world economy. His career began in Johannesburg, covering Southern Africa for the FT. After a stint as a corporate reporter in London he spent seven years in Asia, heading the FT bureau in Seoul and Mumbai.

The journalist spent nearly two years traveling through six continents and visiting 26 countries to write Race for Tomorrow, which draws on the stories of a diverse cast of characters who are locked in a historic struggle to deal with the climate crisis. He talked to people in communities hit by the degradation of nature as well as leaders charged with finding solutions. Race for Tomorrow is now on sale in 40 countries.

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Books mentioned in this episode:

A Sand County Almanac by Aldo Leopold
Silent Spring by Rachel Carson
The Lost Gospel of the Earth by Tom Hayden
The End of Nature by Bill McKibben
A Life on Our Planet, My Witness Statement and A Vision for the Future by David Attenborough

Elizabeth Howard is the host and the producer of the Short Fuse Podcast. For her, there are no barriers between her life, work, art, and writing. She seeks collaboration, flexibility, spontaneity and responsiveness in the projects she designs and completes. As the host of the Short Fuse podcast she draws individuals into lively and provocative conversations around the arts: dance, theater, literature, music, and film.

Music for the Short Fuse Podcast

Jeannine Otis recorded the music for this episode of the Short Fuse Podcast. Music has always been a part of Jeannine’s life. Her mother was a musical director and her family includes the Jones Brothers, Hank, Thad, and Elvin who formed the basis of exposure to music that began a career that started with Jeannine’s debut as a vocalist with the Detroit Symphony with American Youth Performs at age 12.

She has shared the stage with great musicians of every genre (especially jazz) who have served as mentors including Grover Washington Jr., Arthur Prysock, Kool and the Gang, Joe Chambers and Donald Byrd, Rudy Mwangozi, Saul Ruin, Stanley Banks bassist, Finnish Jazz composer Heikki Sarmanto and Vishnu Wood, bassist, and his band Safari East.

Alex Waters is a media producer and editor for the Short Fuse Podcast, a music producer, and Berklee College of Music student. He has written and produced music and edited for podcasts such as The Faith and Chai Podcast and Con Confianza. He produces his own, as well as writes music and records for independent artists such as The Living. Alex lives in Brooklyn. You can reach him with inquiries by emailing

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