Arts Fuse Podcast #16: Encrypted Telegraphs With Lt. Deanna

By Lucas Spiro

Run time: 57:10

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Country rapper Lil Nas X. Photo: Genius.

The Arts Fuse gang (Lucas Spiro, Matt Hanson, and Deanna Costa) talks Lil Nas X, HBO’s Barry, and why the VA probably owes Deanna’s ancestors a shit load of cash.

How seriously do we take country rap? Is it even a genre? We take a look at a few of the singles out there that are classified as country rap — and opine on what it says about our obsession with classifications and US pop culture. Then Matt takes us through his review of HBO’s Barry, starring SNL‘s Bill Hader. The conversation turns to what the show says about returning veterans, PTSD, and the kind of care they receive after they return home. Apparently, like Lt. Dan, Deanna’s had a family member fight in every conflict since the Revolutionary War. Thank you for your service….

Lucas Spiro is a writer living outside Boston. He studied Irish literature at Trinity College Dublin and his fiction has appeared in the Watermark. Generally, he despairs. Occasionally, he is joyous.


  1. Tom S on May 28, 2019 at 6:26 pm

    Well that settles it. I’m not standing for any military crap at the ole ball game…unless of course it’s honoring gay soldiers who suffer PTSD and have had to pay for their own sex change operation. But only if it’s coupled with Holocaust Rememberance Day and/or MLK Jr’s Birthday. That’ll show the neocons and imperialists who will matter in tomorrow’s utopia.

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