May 192013
Fuse Visual Arts Review: "Convergence: Boston Sculptors Gallery Exhibits on the Christian Science Plaza"

The show was like topping a delicate wedge of artisanal cheese with a handful of artisanal trail mix. Both the Christian Science Plaza and the sculptures themselves are exquisite on their own, but together the experience felt disjointed and oddly incompatible.

Apr 242013
Fuse Visual Arts Feature: The Design Museum Boston Invites You to Sit Yourself Down

In a modest tweak of Dorothy Fields’ lyrics to the famous Jerome Kern song, this weekend will be Boston’s chance, via the Design Museum Boston, to sit yourself down, dust yourself off, and start all over again.

Nov 172012
Fuse Visual Arts Review: COLLISION18:present — The Expanding Range of Cyberarts

The more cerebral visitor may leave “Collision18:present” wondering if, like the classic definition of what constitutes pornography, ‘cyberart’ is firmly situated in the eye of the beholder (or of the curators).

May 052011
Fuse Visual Arts: Pythagoras Returns — Sound Sculpture at Kendall T Stop Chimes Again (Revised)

What the artist didn’t count on was the popularity of the Kendall Band, coupled with its fragility relative to the strength and number of its users, would result in frequent breakdowns. The Kendall Band was the only interactive piece of [...]