May 052016
Fuse Music Review/Commentary: Anat Cohen's Tentet & SFJAZZ Collective -- Strength in Numbers

Jazz groups of eight to eleven often make fascinating and unusual music, but they rarely survive.

May 052016
Fuse Music Review: New Orleans, Tradition, and Mingling the Trashy and the Transcendent

But dissonance is at the edge of everything you hear at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival — a sound that contains multitudes.

May 022016
Fuse Review and Appreciation: Murray Talks Music, and So Much More -- the Legacy and Lessons of Albert Murray

Murray Talks Music shows how brilliant Albert Murray could be even when he didn’t have time to polish his prose.

Feb 162016
Fuse Music Review/Commentary: David Bowie’s "Blackstar" and Norbert Stein’s "Das Karussell" -- When Words Rule Music

Both David Bowie and Norbert Stein present distinctive and subtle approaches to the hybridizing of poetry and music.