William Bolcom

Album Review: William Bolcom’s Complete Rags — Fantastically Inventive and Rigorous

May 28, 2022
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This is the definitive recording of William Bolcom’s rags, complete or excerpted: a triumph for the pianist and the composer – as well as a grandly spirited, accessible, inventive journey for any who care to join them on it.

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Jazz Commentary Series: Jazz and the Piano Concerto — Mavericks, 1938-1983

April 4, 2015
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More composers who followed their own distinctive paths when they incorporated jazz into their piano concertos.

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Classical Music Review: Ursula Oppens

April 3, 2010
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Reviewed By Caldwell Titcomb The noted pianist Ursula Oppens is no stranger to the standard repertory, but she has for decades been an ardent champion of new music for her instrument. Indeed, she has commissioned and premiered works by 15 or 20 composers. In Harvard’s Blodgett Distinguished Artists Series, she gave an April 1 recital…

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