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Visual Arts Review: David Hockney and the Art of Absorption

March 21, 2006
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The subjects of David Hockney’s portraits have been totally absorbed into his art and autobiography. “David Hockney Portraits” at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA By Peter Walsh BOSTON, Mass.— The biggest crowds at the MFA’s “David Hockney Portraits” hover near a wall of large-format etchings titled “A Rake’s Progress” (1961-63). Based on a…

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Barbie’s Bubble Burst

January 23, 2006
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You won’t find these Barbie dolls in toy stores: a darkly humorous exhibit examines the secret side of the plastic princess.

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Photograph to Book Cover

October 25, 2005
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By Karl Baden View Gallery I’ve been spending far too much time in secondhand bookstores. I’ll waste hours in the shelves, looking, mostly without success, for those iconic photo books that I couldn’t afford when I was younger, and now are as rare as hen’s teeth. While prowling the stacks, I began to notice that…

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Bound to be Beautiful

July 19, 2005
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For some contemporary artists, the traditional idea of the book as paper and ink is up for grabs as was shown at a conference at Wellesley College

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