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Jazz Retrospective: The Indelible Impact of “Emergency!” by the Tony Williams Lifetime

September 6, 2022
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If you don’t know those 1969 originals, get them and listen to them. And if you know the recordings well, listen to them again. No matter how familiar this 50-year-old music is to you, you’ll be struck by its timelessness.

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Jazz Remembrance: You Don’t Know Jack—From Glasgow to New York

November 2, 2014
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“With Cream I and Ginger could play free jazz as a rhythm section, while Eric played the Ornette Coleman role. However, we didn’t tell Eric that!”

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Coming Attractions in Jazz: March 2010

March 1, 2010
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By J. R. Carroll March is the month for Elder Statesmen—and drummers. Bassist Buster Williams has played and recorded with, well, damn near everyone, and currently leads his own Something More Quartet; they’ll be coming to Scullers on March 2 at 8 p.m. Photo by Mandy Hall, available under a Creative Commons Attribution license. Drummer…

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Coming Attractions in Jazz: February 2010

February 1, 2010
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There may not be any Lester Young tributes scheduled for Presidents’ Day, but the entire month of February is nothing less than a valentine to jazz piano. By J. R. Carroll Pianist Jason Moran hasn’t yet encountered a piece of music (or even raw sound) that he couldn’t transform into a jaw-dropping improvisation. Johannes Brahms,…

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