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Music Review: A Tale of Two Rockers — Pete Townshend and Mike Scott in Book Form and in Person

November 23, 2012
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Though Peter Townshend is clearly the better known and more popular of the two, it was Mike Scott who produced the better book and more satisfying promotional event in Boston.

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The Annual Arts Fuse Holiday Gift Roundup — Tips From the Experts

December 5, 2011
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Wondering about what to give the arts and culture lover on your gift list? No problem — the sage writers for The Arts Fuse (with an assist from our readers) come to the rescue with thoughtful suggestions.

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Book Commentary: The Scam of Mobster Memoirs

May 15, 2006
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Crime memoirs about Irish mobster Whitey Bulger have become a corrupt and pathetic cottage industry.  By Jay Atkinson A large, jowly, humorless man of 49, Kevin Weeks, the one-time go-fer and strong arm for the notorious Boston crime boss, James Whitey Bulger, hurt and maimed people for a living. While his boss ran most of…

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