The Food Muse: The Massachusetts State Sandwich?

October 4, 2009
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The Massachusetts State Sandwich? Fluffernutter as Icon? By Sally Steinberg No serious eater, no gourmet, no culture vulture, no thinking person, no person of discriminating taste, no one interested in nutrition could…… But wait! The Fluffernutter might just be one of the secret food grails, its own Umami, all by itself, an elusive, indescribable, uncategorizable,…

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Culture Vulture: NYTimes wrong about “Julie and Julia”

August 11, 2009
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by Helen Epstein Go here for information about a live-chat, scheduled for August 23rd, with Helen Epstein on “The Art of Narrative Writing.” Despite what the NYTimes thinks Meryl Streep cooks up a storm in “Julie and Julia.” I usually trust the Times‘ A. O. Scott on movies, but this time I don’t share his…

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The Fine Art of Packaging Beer

September 13, 2007
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By David Hartley Believe it or not, cans and screwtops are not only back, but they are chic. For the past few decades, drinking beer out of a can has been for the slightly louche among us, the thin tin package of choice for undiscriminating guzzlers at football stadiums and frat-houses. But now the lowly…

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