Coming Attractions: Popular Music in May 2010

By Thomas Samph

This month’s music is all about catchy, sing-along, pop music. There are girl groups, guy groups, throwbacks, and teenage YouTube celebrities coming to Boston in May. With summer right around the corner and the heat returning to Boston, these shows will help to celebrate the changing seasons.

gold-motel1May 3, Gold Motel at Harper’s Ferry

Gold Motel has the perfect upbeat, happy sound for a springtime concert. The band is Greta Morgan’s new project since her former band, the Hush Sound, took an indefinite break last year. Gold Motel’s sound is a change from what the Hush Sound used to produce, going with a more feel-good style. Leaving the angst at the door, Great Morgan adopts a more Jenny Lewis-like shine.

May 6, Shout Out Louds at Paradise Rock Club

What is it about Sweden and great pop music? The Shout Out Louds are yet another great pop-rock band to come out of Sweden (alongside bands like The Sounds, The Hives, and Peter, Bjorn and John). The Shout Out Louds offer everything you could want from a guitar-driven rock band, and their track “Very Loud” was even featured on the soundtrack of the 2008 movie Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist. They’ve also toured with The Strokes and Kings of Leon. So, thank you, Sweden, for giving the world great pop and please keep up the good work.

May 7, OK Go at House of Blues

OK Go’s music isn’t the only infectious thing about the band: they’ve also mastered the art of the viral, Internet music video. All of their videos, set to the band’s unmistakable sound, comically blend amateur production with professional preparation. Their first big video, A Million Ways, has the band performing an intricate, uncut three-and-a-half minute dance sequence on a nondescript backyard patio. Here It Goes Again, also one continuous shot, has the band cleverly using treadmills as a moving dance floor. And their opus, This Too Shall Pass, is an epically scaled Rube Goldberg machine that leaves you wondering how many takes did they need to get that one right?

Two Door Cinema

Two Door Cinema Club: Dance Music Pros

May 15, Two Door Cinema Club at Great Scott

Two Door Cinema Club is the perfect music for a pop-rock dance party. The Irish band has a sound that’s at once Phoenix and Passion Pit, and they are signed with Kitsune records, the same label that represents a phalanx of dance music pros: La Roux, Bloc Party, Digitalism, Cut Copy, Hot Chip, and Klaxons.

May 17, Buzzcocks at Paradise Rock Club

The legendary punk idols The Buzzcocks have been around in various forms since 1976 when the punk rock scene was coming to life. Throughout the years, guitarist and vocalist Pete Shelley has led the UK band, even though other musicians have rotated in and out of their lineup. The Ramones and The Clash defined the punk scene in the late 70s, but The Buzzcocks were there with them the whole way. For the uninitiated, listen here.

Bo Burnham

Bo Burnham: Out of the Bedroom

May 21, Bo Burnham at House of Blues

Nineteen-year-old Massachusetts native Bo Burnham has come a long way from his early days of recording himself playing satirical, completely un-PC ballads in the upstairs bedroom of his parents’ house and then putting the videos on YouTube. His songs are still a series of offensive jokes that rhyme, but now he’s graduated to playing venues like the House of Blues.

Added Attractions

    Gold Motel – 5/3 – Harper’s Ferry
    The New Dumb – 5/6 – Great Scott
    Shout Out Louds – 5/6 – Paradise Rock Club
    OK Go – 5/7 – HOB
    Golden Bloom – 5/7 – The Armory
    As Tall As Lions – 5/9 – Middle East
    Everybody Was In The French Resistance…Now! – 5/11 – Great Scott
    Dr. Dog – 5/11 – Paradise Rock Club
    Massive Attack – 5/13 – HOB
    Brendan Boogie – 5/13 – The Armory
    Two Door Cinema Club – 5/15 – Great Scott
    iLa Mawana – 5/15 – Harper’s Ferry
    Diana Ross – 5/15 – Citi Performing Arts
    Dark Tranquility – 5/16 – Harper’s Ferry
    King Sunny Ade – 5/16 – Somerville Theatre
    Buzzcocks – 5/17 – Paradise Rock Club
    Pearl Jam – 5/17 – TD Garden
    ALO – 5/18 – Paradise Rock Club
    Tim Fite – 5/18 – Great Scott
    Rusted Root – 5/20 – Showcase Live
    Deva Mahal – 5/20 – The Beehive
    Pat Metheny – 5/20 – Orpheum
    Bo Burnham – 5/21 – HOB
    New Kids On The Block – 5/21, 5/22 – MGM Grand at Foxwoods
    Chris Thile – 5/22 – Orpheum
    Apollo Sunshine – 5/23 – PA’s Lounge
    Flobots – 5/23 – Harper’s Ferry
    Greg Laswell – 5/27 – Paradise Rock Club
    The Yardbirds – 5/28 – Showcase Live
    The Spill Canvas – 5/28 – Middle East

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