Arts Fuse Podcast #14: Dialectics of Politicized Art, or the Intellectual History of White Men in Cars

By Lucas Spiro


The Arts Fuse welcomes a new character to its extended universe. Deanna Marie Costa, an editor and critic at the magazine, joins Matt and Lucas to discuss a range of topics related to art, politics, and propaganda.

First, Deanna introduces herself and talks about what she covers for the publication. Then the panelists dive into Blake Maddux’s review of Jennifer  Ratner-Rosenhagen’s The Ideas That Made America. There follows a discussion about the social implications of Sleeping Weazel’s recent theater production The Audacity: Women  Speak, a powerful theater piece that drew on real life stories of women who have gone through some truly gut-wrenching situations. Finally, AOC’s new optimistic short film — published by The Intercept — is put under the microscope. Her vision of a Green New Deal America — and the kind of art that might help make that dream a reality — raises provocative questions and possibilities.

A Message from the Future with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Arts Fuse book review – “The Ideas That Made America” — Not Made in America by Blake Maddux

Lucas Spiro is a writer living outside Boston. He studied Irish literature at Trinity College Dublin and his fiction has appeared in the Watermark. Generally, he despairs. Occasionally, he is joyous.

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