Jan 102008
Fuse Flash: Anybody See the Fat Lady? Pollock Matter Affair Still Gropes for that Final Act

Just over a month ago, conventional wisdom had it that the long-running Pollock Matter Affair, one of the most contentious art controversies in living memory (see past posts in Arts Fuse and Anonymous Sources), had finally ground to a halt. [...]

Nov 272007
Fuse Flash: Pollock Research Fractured?

According to a report in ScienceDaily, more surprises may be in store for those following the Pollock-Matter controversies. The award-winning website, which specializes in breaking developments in scientific research, has announced that Case Western Reserve University physicist Lawrence Krauss will [...]

Nov 182007
Fuse Flash: Another Shoe off the Pollock Matters Centipede?

For those still perusing the shopping mall of controversies built around the Pollock Matter Affair (see past Fuse Flash and Anonymous Sources posts) another well-polished shoe (or more) may drop later this month at an International Foundation for Art Research [...]

Sep 102007
Anonymous Sources: Just Call Us Old Fashioned

A hard-surfing reader called our attention recently to a piece in the on-line journal, The Hub Review. The piece, “Why all the love for the ‘Matter Pollocks’?” reports on the on-going controversy covered in some previous “Anonymous Sources” posts on [...]