Franklin Einspruch

Oct 242013
Fuse Visual Arts Commentary: Five Highlights from the TransCultural Exchange's 2013 Conference

Residences are such a prominent feature of contemporary creative life that there’s an important gathering, the TransCultural Exchange’s Conference on International Opportunities in the Arts.

Sep 222013
Fuse Visual Arts Review: Courbet's Mighty Power -- His Art and Its Influence On Other Artists

A wide swath of Belgian and American artists became interested in Courbet’s attention to the humble subject and his distinctive handling of paint. Mapping Realism examines how and whom.

Apr 272013
Fuse Visual Arts Review: At the Currier Museum of Art and the MFA -- Bask in the Deadly Splendor of the Samurai

The time is short, but the opportunity rich via these two exhibitions, to bask in the military culture of old Japan, with all of its deadly splendor.

Apr 052013
Fuse Visual Arts: Portraitist Anders Zorn — From Stardom to Seclusion

The journey of Anders Zorn, from Swedish hamlet to the top echelon of society portraitists and back again, has a couple of messages for us. The first leg of the journey tells us that careerism is not a new phenomenon in the art world. The second tells us what it may be worth in the end.