Book Review: Remembering “The Wrong Blood”

December 11, 2010
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Balancing the domestic and the tragic, The Wrong Blood explores the ways in which political history and personal histories intertwine: the novel is an invaluable reminder of how, in the midst of war, love and continuity preserve the potential for a richer life despite the disaster. The Wrong Blood by Manuel de Lope. Translated from…

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Food Muse: Pictures At An Exhibition, Exhibitionist Food–Luis Melendez At The MFA and Tapas At Toro

April 4, 2010
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What is the food that Luis Melendez paints? Is it food? More than food? Less than perfect food? Food stand-ins for something else? What is this stuff called “every species of food produced by the Spanish climate”? Is it about the food or something beyond, beyond the canvas? by Sally Levitt Steinberg What fruits! What…

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Culture Vulture: 11 reasons to see “Broken Embraces”

January 10, 2010
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By Helen Epstein “Broken Embraces” at Kendall Square and Embassy Cinemas 1: Pedro Almodovar, one of the most interesting directorial sensibilities of our time, whose films probe our infinite varieties of experience in love and work 2: Penelope Cruz, an original who also incarnates the best of the many movie stars — American and European…

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