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Theater Review: “Faceless” — Dramatically Indecisive

September 21, 2017
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Selina Fllinger’s play manages to serve up some vivid confrontations between believers and doubters.

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Theater Review: Zeitgeist Stage Company’s “Exit Strategy” — Tales Out of School

February 23, 2017
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Can the smothered idealism of the teachers be rekindled? Will the school be saved if students and faculty join together?

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Theater Review: “The Submission” — An Engaging Script that Falls Short of Its Ambitions

May 18, 2015
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At first, The Submission comes on as an agreeably edgy satire of the automatic embrace of identity politics and political correctness in the academy and popular culture.

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Fuse News Theater Review: Lord of the Flies, A-levels version

May 11, 2013
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The Zeitgeist Stage Company provocatively lives up to its name by taking audiences into the netherworld of horrific violence via a powerful production of Simon Stephens’ drama “Punk Rock.”

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Theater Review: Edward Albee’s Animal Talk

May 13, 2011
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The Zeitgeist Stage Company production has made me rethink Edward Albee’s HOMELIFE to the extent that the couple, well played by Peter Brown and Christine Power, generate a loving bond that adds some welcome tension (and humor) to the revelations of free-floating anxiety and confusion.

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