Fuse Theater News: “Pygmalion” at Williamstown Theatre Festival — A Perfect Evening

Heather Lind (Eliza Doolittle) in the Williamstown Theater Festival production of "Pygmalion." Photo: T Charles Erickson.

Heather Lind (Eliza Doolittle) in the Williamstown Theatre Festival production of PYGMALION. Photo: T Charles Erickson.

By Helen Epstein

What are the ingredients of a perfect evening at the theater? For me, it begins with a great script, filled with lines that make me laugh or reflect, characters that intrigue me and who change over the course of the play—both within themselves and in relation to the other characters. A cast that brings them to life. A design team that provides the ambiance—sets, costume, music, lights—and enhances the script without distracting from it. And of course a director who chooses, coordinates and interprets what the playwright wrote. The Williamstown Theatre Festival production of G. B. Shaw’s 100-year-old classic, Pygmalionwhich only plays nine more performances, delivers it. Here is the complete Arts Fuse review.


  1. Shelley on July 19, 2013 at 12:03 pm

    Pygmalion passes the test for a classic–as the years go by it becomes more, rather than less, relevant–about the constant subtext we deal with about class (think Trayvon), the attractions of teaching and learning, the fears of men and women….

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