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Film Commentary: A Contrarian View of “12 Years a Slave”

November 17, 2013
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Why haven’t more movies been made about American slavery? Hollywood studio racism is certainly a prime factor; but even for determined anti-racists, there’s also the aesthetic problem of creating a compelling film drama.

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Movie Review: “12 Years a Slave” — The First Masterpiece of the New Black Cinema?

October 20, 2013
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With 12 YEARS A SLAVE, Steve McQueen, the brilliant British director of HUNGER and SHAME, has probably created the first masterpiece of the new black cinema.

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Film Review: Of Sex and “Shame”

December 29, 2011
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Director Steve McQueen’s skillful exploration of troubled human behavior and his use of New York as a psychological landscape make “Shame” off-putting to watch, while at the same time it draws us in. We have no moral compass beyond our own attitudes to ambiguous contemporary sexual mores.

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