Music Profile: Violinist, Teacher, Composer, and Arranger Mimi Rabson — Making a Life in Art

February 26, 2021
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The life of a working musician is not a second-class life, and Mimi Rabson’s is Exhibit A: “I try to get past the limits of the definitions and get to the joy.”

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Jazz Review: Mimi Rabson Premieres ‘The Berklee Violin Solos’

February 17, 2009
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By J. R. Carroll Violinists are a fortunate lot. Granted, many years of painstaking study and practice are required to master the instrument, but once achieved, that mastery can be taken in almost any direction–or in many directions. As part of what she describes as her “never-ending quest for new vocabulary,” Mimi Rabson has headed…

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