Theater Review: “The Bridges of Madison County” — Waterlogged

May 9, 2017
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The talented SpeakEasy Stage ensemble offers enough harmonious pizazz to make up for the musical ‘s erotic fizzle.

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Theater Commentary: Dead American Theater Walking

March 12, 2008
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by Bill Marx In a New York Times article I wrote about earlier this week, dramatist Marsha Norman suggests ways to soften nasty stage reviews, which she claims chase audiences away from the glories of theater and into the decadent arms of television. But how would she discipline a successful homegrown dramatist, Neil LaBute, when…

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Theater Commentary: Critics, Be Good or Be Irresponsible?

March 9, 2008
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By Bill Marx The war over critics-as-bullies is over, but some diehards keep fighting the same old battles to the point of arthritic absurdity, like Lee Marvin and Toshirô Mifune as old and forgotten American and Japanese veterans of WWII slugging it out in the 1968 movie Hell in the Pacific.The latest retread salvo comes…

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