Film Review: “Godzilla Minus One” — Much More than a Monster Movie

December 2, 2023
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The heart, intelligence, and the artistry of “Godzilla Minus One” makes it one of the best kaiju films ever made.

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WATCH CLOSELY: October on the Criterion Channel — Buckets of Blood and Beauty

October 15, 2022
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You want horror? This month Criterion Channel serves up plenty of cinematic chills, vintage and otherwise.

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Book Review: Niall Ferguson and the Godzilla economy

March 13, 2009
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By Harvey Blume The Economy Cometh Niall Ferguson, “The Ascent of Money,” Penguin Press, 2008 It’s way past time to utter the dread G word about the economy, the G word being “Godzilla.” The economy as we now experience it, is like the monster in the 1998 American remake: it rises from unfathomable depths before…

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