Jun 222016

By Milo Miles

MEX206 Cover (500)

The name Quilt is too perfect for this band of eclectics who formed in Boston back in 2008. Everybody is part of the patchwork: Anna Fox Rochinski sings, plays guitar, and all sorts of keyboards; Shane Butler sings, plays guitar, and provides the mercifully light touch of electronics; John Andrews sings and plays drum, keyboards, guitar, harjmonica, and more; Keven Lareau keeps it simple with bass and acoustic guitar. The songs originate mainly with Rochinski and Butler, but the finished works are often collective creations to some degree.

The wellsprings of the Quilt sound are likewise diverse – psychedelics, dream pop, Beach ‘n’ Beatle harmony groups, folk-rock and, I swear, punkoid racket at times. What matters most is that Quilt’s second full album, Plaza (Mexican Summer), released earlier this year, is a solid breakthrough that fuses all their directions and layers. Even when their tunes are about confusion, loneliness, sad memories, and cracking love, Plaza offers relentless uplift, an ideal buoyancy for a dazzling summer evening. Why, you can share one of these highs with Quilt this coming Friday at The Sinclair in Cambridge, MA.


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