Short Fuse: Jeremy Lin — Chess Fantasy

February 24, 2012
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jeremy lin & i played a few games. let me say, so far as xiangqi went, he wasn’t an all star. then again, neither was i.

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Short Fuse: Of Henry Kissinger, China, Stink Bugs, and the Games that Shape the Mind

June 22, 2011
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“On China” boasts photos of Henry Kissinger’s numerous visits to China. In many you see him smiling hugely, brandishing chopsticks alongside the likes of Zhou Enlai. He’s enjoying making history — and the food.

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Short Fuse: Xiangqi Fever

June 15, 2009
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By Harvey Blume To play Xiangqi (Chinese chess) as earnestly as I have been lately is to revisit a familiar situation, one in which I am at the gateway of another culture, hungry for the experience, but positioned as a junior. That was the case with African drumming and with neurological difference, for example, especially…

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Short Fuse: The Art of Chess in Chinatown Park

August 13, 2008
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By Harvey Blume Whether you are seriously hooked on chess or casually intrigued by it, you probably think of the tables in Cambridge’s Holyoke Center as the Boston area’s one big outdoor chess venue. That’s, after all, where the Chess Master sets out his board a few tables down from his counterpart, the redoubtable Chess…

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Short Fuse: Chinese Fireworks

July 8, 2008
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By Harvey Blume Though it does not originate in the Kuiper Belt, the Beijing summer Olympics (8/8/08-8/24/08) is bearing down upon us like an outsized asteroid, bringing China out of feudal/communist distance into full twenty-first century relief. Sports, at this point, remain secondary:before we get to ping-pong, swimming, the shot-put and gymnastics, Americans have unprecedented…

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