Fuse News Comment: Verdi vs. the Synthesized Xylophones

December 15, 2013
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All was well — at moments, thrilling — until the credits rolled. Then the Regal did what it always did: it launched its terrible muzak.

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Theater Review: HD Hamlet — Determined Relevance

December 11, 2010
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Royal National Theatre Director Nicholas Hytner is determined to make the drama as relevant to our own times as to the Bard’s. The setting is a somewhat flimsy, gray-walled salon. Theatrical apparatuses are visible: a klieg light here, a fresnel there. Hamlet by William Shakespeare. Staged by the Royal National Theatre, London, England. Taped by…

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Theater Commentary: Complicite, HD, and Freedom

October 19, 2010
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Book lovers and filmgoers have long been able to sample art from anywhere they wish—to read a book in translation or to rent a DVD if they didn’t like the latest releases in the theaters. Now, because of HD,  devotees of the stage will be able to roam the world. By Bill Marx. A Disappearing…

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