Casagrande on Cultural Tourism and Virginia Power Pop

In the past several podcasts, ArtCast has explored the competitive nature of cultural tourism in America today, focusing on how Boston has much to learn from Philadelphia, which is investing in new ways to bring more visitors into the city.

Continuing with that theme we hear from one of Beantown’s cultural mover and shakers, the man who was first alarmed by the City of Brothery Love’s enviable success. Lou Casagrande heads up the Boston Children’s Museum and holds a seat at the Boston Foundation. Reporter Maureen Dezell finds out why, in Cassagrande words, “Philadelphia is eating our [Boston’s] lunch.”

In the second half of the podcast, listen to the music and perspectives of The Brindley Brothers. The power pop duo of Luke and Daniel Brindley have invited comparisons to Wilco and Marshall Crenshaw. They have become a popular fixture in the northern Virginia rock scene, drawing crowds at both their music club and their live performances. The borthers recently released their second album, “Filled with Fire,” and arts contributer Laura Kwerel sat-in during an in-studio performance.

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