Spring 2024 Appeal

Dear Arts Fuse reader:

Who else does what we do? Independent, critical coverage of the arts, writing that articulates art's value to society through advocacy, news, and debate.

You wanted more, and we delivered. We now have a poetry editor who selects a weekly poem and a reviewer of children's books. The magazine's refreshed, attractive design is a hit. We need your support to keep this one-of-a-kind coverage coming.

The Arts Fuse is an invaluable part of Boston’s arts ecosystem. The depth and breadth of coverage set them apart from their peers in arts criticism.  More than once, in recent years, they have been the only outlet covering artists and performances of international relevance.”

Jack Wright, The Celebrity Series

We are proudly nonprofit! 100% of your donations go to our operating costs and to pay our writers so we can remain your independent source for staying abreast of Boston's vibrant arts scene. Sustain a magazine that, now in its 17th year, is clearly making a real difference.

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Why this Appeal?

You, our loyal readers, supply crucial operating support for the magazine's high-quality arts coverage. We have no wealthy donors in the wings supporting us. Philanthropic organizations fund the MFA and the BSO, but ignore independent cultural journalism. Without your generous contributions, the magazine would not exist. We need to balance our books or join the hundreds of media outlets which have shut down, including, locally, the Boston Phoenix, WBUR's Artery, and The Improper Bostonian.

The Arts Fuse is more than a fuse — it's da bomb! Smart and stimulating, it brings home the value, joy, and depth of the arts.”

Gish Jen, author

What would happen if the Arts Fuse went dark tomorrow?

It would be a “silent spring” for arts and culture in Boston.

No more daily reviews, features, interviews, and commentaries from 70+ critics in the know.

No more Short Fuse podcasts.  No more weekly poems.

No more Francis Davis Jazz Poll.  No more Coming Attractions.

No more weekly “From the Editor's Desk” column.

No more remembrances of local arts leaders.

No place for thousands of articles on film, TV, theater, dance, visual art, and music.

No professional criticism from an independent perspective — at a time the mainstream media is zeroing out arts coverage.

No way for arts organizations, large and small, to get the word out about what they are doing — at a time when the arts are struggling to survive.

No one to remind people why they love the arts or to challenge marketing blather.

No one to point out innovative arts and culture on the margins that should be seen.

No one to support the arts by amplifying the voices of artists in our community.

No one to help train the arts critics of the future.

Bottom Line: 17 years of covering the arts as few independent magazines online around the country have — over 9,000 articles — will vanish.

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The Arts Fuse helps us, artists and audiences alike, to better appreciate ourselves as a community as it enriches us culturally. The magazine's support for artists' careers is invaluable.”

Laszlo Gardony, jazz pianist and composer

Keep the Fuse Lit keep the outstanding reviews and reporting coming

Paul Robicheau surveying the combustible parade that is Boston Calling |  Steve Elman investigating if we are paying proper homage to our jazz ancestors  |  Trevor Fairbrother probing the problematics of multiculturalism at the MFA  |  Allen Michie praising the book 3 Shades of Blue: Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Bill Evans, and the Lost Empire of Cool  |  Mark Favermann admiring a singular art nouveau shopfront in Harvard Square  |  Nicole Veneto going wild over the indie film I Saw the TV Glow  |  Sarah Osman putting odds on the fortunes of TV’s Bridgerton  |  Scott McLennan rooting for the return of the Disco Biscuits  |  Bill Marx on what is happening (or not happening) in Boston-area theaters.


“I also just want to tell you how much I love ArtsFuse; it’s such an amazing resource. There’s a real lack of theatre coverage in the Boston area, so your website fills a critical need. I moved to Boston from Chicago three years ago, and at first I really missed Chicago’s vibrant theatre scene. But ArtsFuse has helped me find small theatre companies and excellent things to see here in New England.”

reader Chelsea Kendall