Theater Review: “Hedda Gabler” at the Gamm Theatre — Not Subtle, But Lively

October 31, 2014
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Despite some awkward staging decisions and the script tampering, there is plenty of lively drive in this production of Hedda Gabler.

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Theater Review: ‘4:48 Psychosis’

January 30, 2010
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This Rhode Island theater merits praise for its courage in staging dramatist Sarah Kane’s highly unorthodox portrayal of severe depression. 4:48 Psychosis by Sarah Kane. Directed by Tony Estrella. Presented by The Gamm Theatre, Pawtucket, RI, through February 7. Reviewed By Caldwell Titcomb The Gamm Theatre in Pawtucket merits praise for its courage in staging…

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Theater Review: Schiller’s “Don Carlos”

September 12, 2008
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By Caldwell Titcomb Some plays are so long that they drive people to despair. In the standard theatrical canon the palm goes to Goethe’s “Faust,” Part I of which runs 4612 lines, and Part II takes the total to 12,111 lines. Next comes Ibsen’s “Peer Gynt.” The playwright did not intend this to be staged…

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