Jan 162013
Fuse Concert Review: Worcester Chamber Music Society’s “The White House Concert and Beyond” at the Worcester Art Museum

The Worcester Chamber Music Society’s latest concert was inspired by an ambitious concept and it was played with conviction, but the performance was continuously dogged by problems with acoustics.

May 162012
Concert Review: Stephen Hammer and Michelle Graveline at the Worcester Art Museum

Mr. Hammer played Bach’s Sonata in G minor energetically and sensitively, drawing out composer’s long melodic phrases with appealing grace. Ms. Graveline made a strong accompanist, clearly articulating Bach’s contrapuntal textures.

Oct 052009
Coming Attractions at Museums: October 2009

By Peter Walsh A Tomb Gets its Time Forget Indiana Jones. Archaeology is not about the obvious. Case in point: the Museum of Fine Arts’ exhibition, The Secrets of Tomb 10A, opening October 18.