May 282014
Fuse Book Review: "On Leave" -- An Engaging Anti-War Story From France

“On Leave” is a worthwhile novel that deserves this English revival because it convincingly conveys the alienation felt by soldiers who return home on a brief leave from hostilities taking place abroad.

Feb 212014
Fuse Book Review: Philippe Jaccottet's "Seedtime" -- Exploring the Inherent Mysteries of the World As It Is

French writer Philippe Jaccottet’s ever-questioning poetic analyses of haunting ephemeral perceptions are carried on with such scruple and sincerity that, for his European peers, he has become the model of literary integrity.

Feb 012014
Fuse Book Review: "The Elixir of Immortality" -- A Fabulous Ride Through European History

Love stories, treachery, brilliant plans, history itself gone awry – it’s all here in inspiring abundance in this fabulous novel, where the Spinozas make their way through hundreds of years of European history.