Sep 062014
Fuse Theater Interview: Wordsmiths Strike Back — The Poets' Theatre Redux

We intend to stage work by all the living American poets we can lure into our sphere: starting right here in Cambridge.

Oct 272012
Fuse Theater Review: Eighteenth Century Pen Pals — Voltaire and Frederick

Playwright Gericke-Schönhagen, hoping to avoid the phenomenon of talking heads, deliberately placed emphasis on those letters between Voltaire and Frederick that dramatized personalities rather than ideas.

Oct 122012
Fuse Theater Feature: A German Stage at the Goethe-Institut Boston

“The Boston theatre community can always profit from international influx. The German theatre scene in particular is quite innovative both in the plays being written and the productions that reach the stage.”

Jan 202011
Fuse Theater Review: R. Buckminster Fuller — I Sing the Body Geodesic

D.W. Jacobs’s presentation of the life and ideas of American visionary R. Buckminster Fuller invites you to make your own intellectual structure out of what you have seen—connect Fuller’s dots and you have an image that expands your mental horizons [...]